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App that analyses profitability of harvesting forest residue

The app works in two steps. First the user needs to provide information regarding the stand such as standing volume and tree composition so that the total amount of residues can be estimated. Step two calculates various costs along the production chain of residue including harvesting costs, forwarding, chipping, and transporting. The user provides different … Continue reading >>


Forest Energy Atlas

The online map tool Forest Energy Atlas allows users to explore harvesting potential of energy wood and other assortments in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It is particularly useful for companies or organizations interested in using biomass in their ventures. The tool is freely available online. The Geographic Information System: Forest Energy Atlas allows … Continue reading >>


Young persons’ view on the future in the forest sector

Young people in transition between adolescence and adulthood are the future mangers and facilitators of the future demands in society. Previous studies show that preferences differ from those of adults. Studies show that young person’s express themselves differently in relation to forests. Young people typically see the forest as a place for recreation, however somewhat … Continue reading >>