A seminar summary

Beyond the Green Transition

We need to explore new governance methods need to overcome the challenges and also improvements of forest management planning and technology are needed to meet the demand for multiple forest ecosystem services. Those are some of the highlights from the webinar: Beyond the Green Transition held August 29th, 2023.

Keynote speakers

Dr. Camilla Sandström is Professor at the Department of Political Science, Umeå University and holds a UNESCO chair on biosphere reserves as labs for inclusive societal transformation. Read more about Dr Sandström’s research and publications.

Dr. Gerhard Weiss is Senior Scientist at the Institute of Forest, Environmental and Natural Resource, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU). He is also the coordinator of the EFI Forest Policy Research Network. Read more about Dr Weiss’s research and publications.


Dr. Camilla Sandström: Getting the ball rolling on the green transition – how do we walk the thin line of implementation?


There are a broad set of Multilateral Environmental and Climate Agreements that call for societal transformation

Multiple global and regional policies directly or indirectly focus on forest, forest products, and different forest ecosystem services

Implementation of green transition faces various challenges

New governance methods need to be explored to overcome the challenges

Getting the ball rolling presentation, pdf

Dr. Gerhard Weiss: Forest bioeconomy for sustainability transition – potential and contradictions


Forest bioeconomy plays an important role in achieving sustainability

Sustainability transition brings about new opportunities and challenges for the forest sector

Improvements of forest management planning and technology are needed to meet the demand for multiple forest ecosystem services

Current policy demands for the forest sector are unrealistic

The study of green transition needs to include the analysis of power relations among different sectors

Forest bioeconomy for sustainability transition presentation, pdf

Breakout discussion

Discussed the international and national challenges to achieve the green transition.

Pointed out that debate in the public domain are polarized.

Polarized discussions make it difficult to advance a green transition.

Unclear definitions of essential concepts –such as circular bioeconomy, and green transition itself—, which complicates even further conversations

As a consequence, there is a lack of coherent set of targets that may support a green transition


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