Results from Workshop during Barents Forest Forum 2019

Young persons’ view on the future in the forest sector

Front page of the reportYoung people in transition between adolescence and adulthood are the future mangers and facilitators of the future demands in society. Previous studies show that preferences differ from those of adults. Studies show that young person’s express themselves differently in relation to forests. Young people typically see the forest as a place for recreation, however somewhat different depending on urban or rural living conditions. Few young person’s envision themselves working within forests.

In the Barents region forest sector and universities observe a declining number of young person’s educating in forest-related subjects, although there is a good job market for forest educated persons. So why don’t young person’s choose forestry for a career? During the Barents Forest Forum 2019, a workshop was arranged inviting young persons to share their view on the forest sector, to attempt to unveil challenges of the forest sector connected to attracting young persons. The workshop attracted almost 70 persons, both young and older, including 20 young persons specially invited from Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. During the workshop, the subjects of education, equal opportunities and labour supply was covered in discussions.

The purpose of the report is describing the results of the workshop on young person’s perceptions of the future forest sector, particularly on education, equal opportunities, and labor supply. The report reflects the participators view in the workshop and cannot be give a representative view of the young generations.  

Read the report: Young persons’ view on the future in the forest sector

Watch the report being presented by Camilla Widmark at the Barents Forest Forum 2021. It is followed by a discussion with young representatives from Norway, Finland and Russia.