Forest Facts sheet

Developing the multi-storey construction market

Front page of the Forest Facts sheetWooden multi-storey constructions are beneficial for the climate compared to concrete which is predominately used today. Researchers from Sweden and Finland show that increased awareness about design that can be re-used and circular business models can quicken the market development for wooden constructions.

Despite being a fast-moving business, the construction sector has yet to move towards wood when it comes to multi-storey buildings. Unlike single-family houses in Sweden and Finland, where wood is predominately used, the multi-storey buildings remain constructions of concrete and steel.

Researchers from SLU, Luke and the University of Helsinki show that certain factors can speed up the process to move from concrete to wood. Legislation in support of sustainable construction, political objectives that coincide on all levels, increased knowledge about designing for re-design or re-use and circular business models that embrace environmental, social and financial values are some of the factors.

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