OPEN CALL for researcher networks in forestry

Together with Nordic Forest Research (SNS), the Forest Bioeconomy Network (ForBioeconomy) want to promote collaboration and strengthen forest research related to bioeconomy in the Nordic region by networking activities. Therefore we announce a joint research network call.

Focus areas of the call:

I. Youth’s perspective on mitigating climate change in Nordic forests

Climate change has increased the risk of forest damage in the Nordic region, caused by, among other, drought, fire, floods, pests and pathogens. We want to influence the Nordic forest sector by funding networks that explore youth’s perspectives and inspire knowledge building among Nordic youth regarding the role of forests and forestry to mitigate climate change and climate change related damages.

II. A gender equal Nordic forest sector

Forestry is historically a male dominated sector. We want to promote gender equality and highlight the importance of equal rights and opportunities by funding networks that directly address gender equality issues with the aim of creating a modern and diverse Nordic forest sector.

III. We also invite networks that relate to the general focus areas of the SNS strategy:
• Forest resources as a base for value creation and rural development
• Climate change adaptation and mitigation
• Safeguarding of forest biodiversity

Well qualified applications related to focus area I and II, specific for this call, will have highest priority in the evaluation and selection process.

Successful applicants may receive funds of maximum 200,000 SEK for activities over the course of one year (2024), covering at most 50% of the total budget for the network.

Deadline for submitting an application is August 31, 2023 at 24:00 CEST.


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