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Kungsgatan 75, UmeƄ, Sweden More on the conference

17 October – Excursions

Please observe that the temperature here varies between about +5 and -5. It is likely that you will face rain, sunshine and perhaps even a bit of temporary snow.

1. Bioeconomy in the Urban Region

This excursion aims to develop an understanding of how the challenges of the bioeconomy transformation affect the urban area close to UmeƄ city. We will combine outdoor visits in an urban forest area with indoor discussions on topics like innovation, sustainability, wood building and bioenergy. The excursion starts from downtown and ends at the airport for those leaving UmeƄ in connection to the excursion. It will be held in English with translation to/from Russian.

Please note that parts of the excursion take place outdoors.

Approx. time schedule: excursion starts at 8.00 and ends by 15.10 at airport (and 15.30 downtown).

2. Bioeconomy in the Region of VƤsterbotten

The second excursion focuses on the region of VƤsterbotten. The aim is to discuss how the local societies in connection to the urban area are facing the challenges of bioeconomy transformation. Innovation, sustainability, knowledge exchange, forest ecosystem services and wooden buildings are examples of the topics that will be covered through visits and short talks on the bus. The excursion starts in the city center of UmeƄ and will take us on a journey through the forest landscape, passing the Vindeln River, going back by the coastal area of VƤsterbotten (approx. 250 km). The excursion will be held only in English.

Please note that most of the excursion take place outdoors.

Approx. time schedule: starts at 7.45 and ends by 17.45 by the airport (and 18.00 downtown UmeƄ).

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